On the acquisition of pictures you can send an email to e-mail: artvdome@yandex.ru

or fill out a short form letter on the Contact Us page

After receiving your message, we will contact you and we can discuss payment options and delivery.

Methods of payment

• Payment by electronic funds transfer Yandex.

• After an account with Alpha Bank.

               (We can discuss the most convenient way to pay)


The picture is packaged in a protective film and a specially made container.

The picture can be integrated into your decor as an independent work without baguette border. Making pictures of baguette by the owner, taking into account the style and concept of the interior.

Delivery is made through the company "Business Line". www.dellin.ru

There are other ways to send pictures that we can discuss.

All issues related to delivery (cost, timing, methods) are solved individually.