The pictures in your home and office.

Pictures are an indispensable part of modern interior. The presence of art in modern interior - it's not just filling space and walls. The original painting is able to raise the status, as the interior, and its owner. In contrast to the lifeless poster painting, not only can animate beautifully interior, but also carries a strong positive charge. Author's picture can not only improve the appearance and lift your mood, but also greatly improve your image. Original contemporary artwork will produce an unexpected effect in your home and your office to your guests and visitors.

Paintings have long played an important role in interior design as homes of people, and hotels, restaurants and banks. The paintings, tastefully arranged in the interior gives it a peculiar originality, beauty and harmony. How often, looking at a blank wall in the house, we catch ourselves at the thought of having to buy a picture and hang it there. Tasteful works of art will help to completely transform a house, make it cozy, kind of, give it a distinctive style. Painting does interior design complete. It is always a work of art and clearly demonstrates the artistic taste of the owner.

It is an art organization of space, filling it with art and a variety of expensive heart and eyes minutiae gives to the house comfortable atmosphere. A good picture can immediately transform the interior design, to really liven up the room. It is believed today to picture it as luxury or - an essential element of any interior? Do all painting to decorate the interior spaces? The picture fills the space life, doing a complete interior and unique. The painting is to create an interior "finishing touch" - a kind of calling card owners of the house.

Do not underestimate the role pattern, as only she can play the feelings, nuances, to give the room a special atmosphere. Painting your house is a unique tool with which you can influence the perception of the interior. For example, to make the space above or wider to organize a movement around the room. The picture may remain as a "shadow", and can engage the attention, as a central element. It is well known that the interior of the premises can affect a person's mood: annoy, oppress, to calm or happy. You've probably noticed that the interior decor items and create a psychological climate in the room. Sometimes you feel that the placement of "crushes" on you. In either case, you feel light, interior of the house allows you to breathe.

Painting is a very powerful visual stimulus, it sets the fork around the interior. If we are talking about the living room, in her, with pictures, you can create a certain mood of the visitors and to generate the desired image. The color scheme, plot and writing style of painting influenced the psychological atmosphere.

When choosing a picture is better to rely on their own intuition. Before you buy now, imagine what the mood of the interior create this picture, and then imagine the emotions and feelings you would feel, when you enter the room where the painting hangs. Pay attention to the style of the interior: the picture must maintain a stylistic idea, but do not contradict the interior space.

The room itself often tells us where and how the picture will be located. Not everyone is aware that the original picture - it is a living substance, created and inspired by the artist at the time of a strong inspiration. The artist has the gift of intuition to read secret information of the universe and, passing through themselves, invest in physical aesthetic form. This picture - it's always a miracle. Plunging into the world of creative experiences, dissolve in a pulsating ocean of feelings and searching for the artist. Contemplating the picture you are traveling to an unknown country of dreams and experience with the creative joy and elation. Buying now, we are making in their home attitude of another person and his aesthetic harmony.

Your performance at work depends on the comfort of your office. The efficiency of the employee depends on how comfortable he feels in the room, where he spent a significant, if not most of his life. Proper office design creates a favorable association of employees. Individual office may make the purchase of original paintings. If beautiful and stylishly furnished only the principal's office, then the leadership is indifferent attitude of staff and also indifference, they will perform their duties.

Exclusive pictures will produce the desired effect on your partner.

That carries a piece of art? How does it on our soul? Can this spring to quench our inner thirst?

Coming into contact with the painting, we intuitively read in its information, while experiencing aesthetic pleasure.

Dive into an artistic image of a picture occurs repeatedly in different periods of our lives. At such moments the rhythms of color and lines absorb the mind, the burden of life's problems melt, lose weight thoughts, we plunge into the world of exciting feelings, and aesthetic experiences.

Pictures for cafes, restaurants and bars.

In our time, is not easy to surprise people visit the cafe or restaurant. But if a man really got a vivid impression of visiting a cafe or restaurant, then he will come back to it. What can make a lasting impression on him? This is the kind of atmosphere that was created not only a good service and world-class cuisine, but also the influence of the interior and its decoration.

Increasing competition pushes owners of restaurants and cafes, inter alia, to look for original, compelling and memorable interior solutions. Getting design decision decorated restaurant, cafe, bar, bear in mind that these institutions are not only as places to eat, but also to meet the aesthetic needs of people.

The interior design of your establishment - this is something that can immediately see and evaluate visitor. He was not yet known price. He does not know how delicious your meals. But he soon realizes if he liked the inside or not. Will he be comfortable, if want to stay here longer. Does this fit place for a business meeting or a romantic rendezvous.

The more unique interior and its components, the more chances to win over visitors institution. The restaurant should be a place where should prevail is a definite atmosphere. Therefore, elements of the interior should be carefully chosen. Exclusive pictures will help create an atmosphere that your own unique style that will add brightness to the spirit of your institution. The original painting will give a special flavor in the perception of your restaurant.

To design the restaurant, it is preferable to use the original paintings that accentuate the status of your institution. Audience restaurants, it's often people with good education, are often interested in the subjects of painting. Contemplation of the quality of pictures, allowing them to plunge in for a while in an atmosphere of high art. Cafe is the perfect place for those who just want to pass the time for a cup of coffee. In many ways design shapes cafe audience institution. For cafes, as opposed to a restaurant is not as important a great selection of dishes and drinks, it is important to create a cozy and attach an atmosphere that allows the client to relax and get the most out of a cup of coffee. Therefore we recommend to select original works of art for your interior design.